Over 362 members - fruit and vegetable growers - together form The Greenery Cooperative. Members are involved in The Greenery Group's decision-making and together they determine the strategic course.


Shareholder structure

All shares in the capital of the company The Greenery are held by Cooperative The Greenery.

The Cooperative's General Members' Meeting

The General Members' Meeting (ALV) is the highest body within the Cooperative. Member members have a direct say through the ALV.

The Cooperative's Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board is appointed by the General Members' Meeting. The Supervisory Board supervises the policy of the Management Board and the general course of affairs within the cooperative and its affiliates. In addition, the Management Board seeks Supervisory Board approval for certain decisions described in the Articles of Association.

The Cooperative Board

The Management Board of the cooperative is appointed by the Supervisory Board. The Management Board is accountable to the Supervisory Board and the General Meeting of Members.

Committees of the cooperative

Besides a Supervisory Board, Management Board and General Members' Meeting, we have other committees within our cooperative namely the Product Unit Committees, Working Groups and Youth Council.

The Product Unit Committees (PUCs), for the Glasshouse Vegetables, Whole Fruit, Soft Fruit and Hard Fruit sectors, advise The Greenery Cooperative and The Greenery on supply and sales policy. At operational level, the 20 or so Working Groups do this. We encourage young members and potential business successors aged 18 to 32 to join the Youth Council. The Youth Council provides its views on developments within the company and cooperative and serves as a breeding ground for administrative talent.

General Management of The Greenery

The statutory General Management manages The Greenery. General Management is accountable to The Greenery's General Meeting.

General Meeting of The Greenery

The General Meeting of the Company deals with matters such as the adoption of The Greenery's financial statements and the discharge of The Greenery's General Management. In addition, the General Meeting's approval is required for certain resolutions of The Greenery's General Management as described in the Articles of Association, such as the adoption of the strategic business plan and the budget.