Over eighty per cent of European consumers buy fresh fruit and vegetables in the supermarket. The Greenery has therefore logically chosen to focus its sales strategy on retail. This channel essentially provides a direct, short connection to the consumer and is also the place where the whole supply chain of product, innovation, logistics, marketing and consumers comes together.

Our customers, the retail chains, want to offer their customers a diversified and inspiring range of fresh fruit and vegetables. They would prefer to buy these products directly from the source - the growers. Making the right choices in the extensive range of fruit and vegetables available and efficiently managing and controlling these product flows, however, is a different business altogether. A business we control.

Reliability and continuity

On the basis of clear preconditions, quality sourcing, commercial support and an excellent logistics organisation, we help customers make choices and ensures the streamlined delivery of products to the customer's distribution centres. We define this as tailored services.

It goes without say that we also supply fresh fruit and vegetables to wholesalers and exporters every day. This customer group knows what products it needs and seeks out the right party at the right price. Here too, The Greenery is the right supplier. Thanks to our new Trade Distribution Centre and supplies from qualified grower locations we deliver the right volumes to the wholesale trade. Without any ado, fast and flexibly.

Fewer deliveries, greater efficiency

The Greenery has an integral ERP system (SAP) used throughout the supply chain. We also use EDI communications for orders, confirmations, product scanning and invoicing. Since our entire chain treats data consistently and uniformly, we have fewer logistical errors, greater efficiency and greater delivery speed. Thanks to the possibility to include third-party products in our logistics we combine different product flows which result in fewer deliveries.

Added value for retailers

Sustainable collaboration -> Targeted product range development
Dedicated growers & logistics -> Year-round & complete assortment
Consistent data use -> Delivery reliability & efficiency