The Greenery has a fully automated logistical infrastructure. In combination with our own two modern distribution centres and the increasing ability of our growers to ship directly to customers, this means that our products can move from the field or the greenhouse to the shop shelves within a single day.

No more empty shelves

Our ERP operating system (SAP) gives us continuous insight into all of our stocks, transport flows and even current point-of-sale till information from our customers. This gives us a precise overview of requirements, of what is located where and how much of it, so that we can always match the right products with the right customer. This leads to a more accurate process, less loss, shortens delivery times and, far more importantly, ensures no more empty shelves, ever.

Smarter transport & delivery

Our supply chain partners Dijco and Blue Sky Cargo help us deliver the best and fastest possible service to our customers, both locally by road and worldwide by air. We are also able to combine third-party transport flows with our own, which reduces the number of deliveries to our customers.

Added value of logistic chain

Efficient infrastructure -> shorter delivery times
Current supplies & till information -> no more empty shelves
Integration with third-party supply flows -> more efficient deliveries