Inspiring Berries

Inspire strawberry

The Inspire strawberry is known for its consistently delicious sweet taste, long shelf life and high shelf presentation value thanks to its beautiful colour and glow. With a large green crown that emphasises freshness, this variety offers uniform and larger fruits that combine firmness with increased shelf life. Packaged with care in both open and closed punnets, we offer a juicy experience that is still easy to cut.

The Inspire strawberry is available from February to June and from September to December.

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Lagorai raspberry

The Lagorai raspberry offers a sweet and full-flavoured experience. With its beautiful mid-red/rosé colour and sheen, this variety immediately catches the eye on shop shelves. The beautiful uniform larger fruits are perfect for open packs, showing off the flavour well. Moreover, this premium variety is known for its excellent shelf life, allowing consumers to enjoy the quality for longer.

The Lagorai raspberry is available from May to October.

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VON blackberry

The VON blackberry, successor to the traditional Loch Ness blackberry, offers a proven sweeter flavour than its slightly sour predecessor. With large fruits that present themselves excellently in the crop, it results in 30% picking efficiency. In addition, this variety offers improved shelf life. Discover this premium blackberry in the Sweet & Sunny packing line.

The VON blackberry is available from June to October.

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