The Greenery has a clear mission: we want everyone to be able to enjoy fresh, safe and healthy fruit, vegetables and mushrooms every day. In the end, this is the biggest value we as an organisation can offer. In order to do this well, we of course have to know what consumers want, so that we can supply what they want. We go about this by doing our own research, gaining information from retailers and developing new concepts and innovations on the basis of this.

Something for everyone

Not all consumers are alike, which is why we not only ensure our assortment is as varied as possible but we also develop new products and concepts along its range. These vary from special organic cultivation to products especially developed for children, such as Fred & Ed’s fruit and vegetables, and premium brands such as Sweet Sensations. In this way we ensure that everyone can enjoy our products, whatever their personal taste.

Know your grower

On our online consumer platform consumers can get to know our growers, our products and all of the delicious dishes that can be prepared with our products. As well as giving them a better understanding of the provenance of all of our products, it also lowers the threshold to use fresh fruit and vegetables in the kitchen more often. Consumers are thus helped to eat fresh food more frequently, on the one hand because we make products available and on the other hand because we share knowledge.

Added value for consumers

Information and inspiration -> Increasing knowledge among consumers
Concept and product development -> new user moments