The Greenery introduces 'Pappels' - Fresh produce packages for babies

7 February 2020

When it comes to baby food, fresh is always best. However, in practice, many parents have difficulty preparing food from scratch due to the countless responsibilities involved in raising a baby. For this reason, The Greenery is introducing fresh produce packages for babies with the slogan 'Make It Yourself'. These packages provide parents with an easy way to prepare fresh, healthy, home-made baby snacks in no time.

The Greenery introduces 'Pappels' - Fresh produce packages for babies

Every package includes fresh ingredients for 6-10 tasty snacks, specially designed for babies aged 6+ or 8+ months. The fresh produce packages for babies will be available at JUMBO supermarkets as of 24 February 2020.

De Pappels - verspakketten for babies

A healthy start with fruit and veg!
There is a growing trend among parents to give babies healthy and home-made snacks using fruit and veg. This ensures a healthy start and introduces babies to all of the different flavours that nature has to offer. However, baby food is a complicated issue: what can you give babies, how much can you give them and how do you prepare and store it safely? The Pappels fresh produce packages for babies contain fresh ingredients like fruit, vegetables and baby-friendly herbs, as well as two recipes for healthy baby snacks. You can also add meat, fish or plant-based sources of protein to these snacks as desired. Simple preparation and storage instructions can be found on the packaging.

Plenty of variety
The Pappels fresh produce packages for babies allow parents to create 10 fresh snacks with plenty of fruit and veg. They are great for your baby's health and make it easy to achieve the recommended daily portion of fruit and veg. Variety and new flavours are also important factors in babies' health. Habits learnt in the cradle often last a lifetime – people who are exposed to a wide variety of fruit and veg when they are young are more likely to enjoy these healthier foods in later life. The recipes and variation tips inspire parents to create a deliciously varied menu for their baby. Preparing healthy food is now easier than ever, as you can simply pick up a package from the supermarket, and one cooking session will have you stocked up on baby snacks for days.

Safety first
Babies are vulnerable, so we pay extra attention to food safety when creating Pappels. The recipes have been developed in collaboration with experts in infant nutrition and comply with the very strictest standards and laws applicable to baby food. Young parents can therefore rest assured that they are giving their babies the most nutritious food possible.

The Greenery has developed four different fresh produce packages for babies. Each package contains two recipes that ensure optimum variety without wasting any of the fresh ingredients.

Six months and above:

Baby package 1

  • 'Lentil & fresh apple stew'
  • 'Carrot & sweet pepper with red lentils'

Baby package 2

  • 'Pear, parsnip & sweet potato'
  • 'Sweet pepper, carrot & parsnip'

Eight months and above:

Baby package 1

  • 'Baby risotto with carrot and mango'
  • 'Quick curry with cauliflower & mango'

Baby package 2

  • 'Pear, parsnip & red lentils'
  • 'Lentil stew with carrot'