The Greenery launches My Greenery!

5 August 2019

The Greenery brings order to orders with digital customer portal My Greenery. With this new service, our customers can now find the answers to all their questions online at a glance.

The Greenery launches My Greenery!

Real-time insight

Delivering fresh fruit and vegetables to customers throughout the Netherlands on a daily basis is a process whereby a great deal of information is exchanged between buyers and sellers. Questions about transactions have been answered by telephone and by email so far. From now on, our customers will receive online access to all status information about orders placed, agreed prices, logistic agreements, order confirmations, transport numbers, statuses, invoices, and also requesting certificates. “By providing real-time insight into orders and deliveries, The Greenery ensures that customers can focus even more on their most important activities, the trading of fruit and vegetable products,” says product owner Angelique Lambert.

Digital vision

In 2018, we developed a vision that fits the role of digital chain director. This vision includes the digitization of current processes, the customer experience and the development of new digital revenue models. This vision builds on various previous initiatives of The Greenery, such as the implementation of SAP, the pilot with the Fresh Harvest Box and the new Grower Portal 'GreenChain'. New digital solutions and business models are developed through working with a digital mindset originating from the customer journeys. In addition, existing business processes are being digitized. For further implementation, investments are also being made in knowledge and (data) systems, which means that The Greenery can increasingly base decision-making on the basis of or supported by algorithms.

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